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Meteor Run

Move the mouse. Dodge the meteors. Level up. Unlock skins. Reach your high score! Story: 3 years ago, the launch of the world’s biggest rocket ever created was announced over the radio. As soon as the rocket left the atmosphere a live broadcast of their communication was started. “Switching off thrusters…” Suddenly a huge meteor blast rocked the ship and all communication was lost! The rocket crashed onto a distant planet. 3 years later nasa started getting weird signals. “Hello? Hello? This is the crew of the last rocket launch, 3 years ago. We landed on a weird planet, scavenged for food and were eventually able to rebuild the rocket. We are coming home, but first we have to make it through this meteor field…

1 player, Evade, Space, Obstacle, Collecting, Asteroid, HTML5,, Adrenaline

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