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Description :
A Sci-Fi short story in the form of an action platformer WE ARE THE LAST takes you on a journey to the last star station at the end of the universe. Jump into the electrifying action and help the bio-clones work out what is happening and how to deal with potential alien incursions! This game is a platformer, just use the arrow keys or WASD to jump around. It has a fluid and intuitive tutorial where there is no in game explanation, just have a look around and figure it out for yourself. There is a subtitles system if you prefer to read rather than listen to the computer voice, the sounds and music can also be toggled individually at your convenience. If you get stuck try remembering doors that were closed before, it's possible you will have opened them as you played through! The game can be quite challenging, thanks for playing :)

Controls :

Keyboard Only, Science Fiction, Adventure, Platform, Very Hard

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