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The Grand Grimoire Chronicles Episode 1

Description :
EPISODE 1: THE UNEXPLAINED DEATH OF HENRY WEAVER Episode 1 of the Grand Grimoire Chronicles sees you visiting the south coast of England, investigating the mystery surrounding the death of a young boy called Henry Weaver. The boy was well known and had no enemies. He'd gone out birdwatching but didn't return home. His body was found by passerby; he'd been bludgeoned to death just a short distance from his home. As a reporter, you travel to Henry's hometown to investigate his mysterious demise, hoping to find out what happened to the boy and bring the perpetrator to justice. Expect horror, intrigue, mystery, puzzle-solving, secrets and interesting locations, as you travel around trying to piece it all together. Search for clues, collect items, and solve puzzles to aid your investigation.

Controls :
Arrows or WASD to move
Mouse used for navigating menus, the map, and certain puzzles.
P to pause/unpause.
M to open/close map.
WASD or Arrows to navigate the map. ENTER, SPACE, Z, or X to confirm>
Walk over items to pick them up. (All items are white)
Walk up to objects to examine them, press in their direction again to interact or use an item on the object.
Walk over arrows and press in their direction to navigate to the next scene.

Adventure, Mystery, Pixel

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