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Description :
THIS IS A DEMO OF SWIFT KALEIDO! The full game can be found here. Changing Kaleido's colors as you soar through the levels makes for an accelerating experience, which, alongside the simplified art, retro music and tight controls; makes for journey that truly captures the essence of nostalgia! If you have any questions jump on over to us on Discord and we'll answer to the best of our capabilities! Inspired by games like Super Meatboy, Sonic, Hover and Portal; Swift Kaleido is an experience that embraces simplicity while still keeping optimized play into consideration! Featuring: Game by Theihe - Dante Lundell Audio by TempoSmith

Controls :
Explained in-game.
Gamepad strongly advised.
If using a keyboard navigate the menus with the arrow keys or IJKL and select with either Enter or Spacebar. There is no Mouse input.

Platform, Demo, Adventure, Speedrun

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