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Sprite Sequence Volume 1

Description :
For most of 2016, I developed and released one small game sequence every week (!). The result is a series of 30 “game strips” building a strange story that seems to be about the act of creation itself. Sprite Sequence Volume 1 is a compilation of the first 10 games into a more cohesive whole. It’s a bit weird. Forgive me, I didn’t know what I was doing. - Play with ARROW KEYS or WASD only! - Better played with Sound ON (or not?) You can play the original second Chapter at (in it’s glorious “scattered into 15 individual game sequences” format). It’s even wilder. The project has been aborted and I don’t plan on compiling a Volume 2 anytime soon (unless you people go crazy about it and shower me with money. It’s just too painstaking a work to do.). Support my work! Here’s some links : Have fun!

Controls :
Arrow keys or WASD

Keyboard Only, Platform, Adventure

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