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Description :
This is a DEMO! It features 8 of the 64 levels in Ruya. The full game features lots more content, 8 worlds with unique soundtracks, unlockable dreams with an ending! If you like the demo you can unlock the full game at the end of level 8 or by clicking a locked world, it's only $3.99! - Miracle Tea ======== A game of tranquillity through the art of pieces of Ruya her world of dreams. Visit surrealist landscapes, decorate yourself in flowers and introspect. A calming minimal experience with juicy interactions and cool colour combinations to make you feel at ease. The ethereal dreamlike soundtrack will tickle your senses and pull you into a state of peaceful flow.

Controls :
Explained in-game.
Mouse recommended.

Feel Good, Mouse Only, Cute, Puzzle-Skill, Demo

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