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Rogues Like Beer

Description :
Big trouble at the old McGrath pub. The beer is finished! And it will not be easy to get some more! Through the cellars of the pub, our friends will have to face deadly dangers to reach the much-desired trophy. But you know how they say… Sacrifices must be made, if you want to drink with your brigade! Will our heroes be able to quench their throats? Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 43: "Sacrifices must be made" Credits: Graphics style inpired by Bodie Special thanks to the MadBear Gang for sharing this Ludum Dare with me. All the contents were created during the 72h except for the followings: -Song “Banish” and “Denis Murphys John Ryans” by Sláinte -Font “Irish” Uncialfabeta by Manfred Klein -Sound Effects by Soniss If you experience any problem, please let me know!

Controls :
WASD - Move around
SPACE - Jump
Mouse - Rotate the view
LMB - Pick up objects
RMB - Call/Switch Buddy

Fantasy, Puzzle-Skill, Game Jams, 3D, Platform

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