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On the Road

Description :
On the Road is an 8-bit NES inspired game where almost everything is optional! If you're skilled enough, you can just walk right up to the final boss and beat the game! Are you going to try to beat the final boss right away, or are you going to explore and power up first?

Controls :
- Keyboard:
W/A/S/D/Arrow keys = Move
Spacebar = Dodge/Roll
Shift = Heal
Z/J/Left mouse button = Attack
E = Place and activate Bombs (Once you unlock them)
X/K/Right mouse button = Shoot
Enter = Pause
- Gamepad:
Left Stick/D-Pad = Move
A = Dodge/Roll
B = Heal
X = Attack
Y = Place and activate bombs (Once you unlock them)
RT = Shoot
Menu = Pause

Pixel, Exploration, Adventure, Action

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