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Description :
Nymphiad is a puzzle-platformer with a unique twist – each camera movement shifts the world itself. Somewhere in the dark mazes beneath the temple of Tithonus a lost nymph seeks the way back to the world of daylight. However this journey won’t be easy. Nobody can be sure that the chosen path is right in this cursed place. PS: This game was made for Pixel Day 2019 and has won 1st place!

Controls :
Fullscreen mode is available in the options menu.
Left Arrow/Right Arrow/A/D – Move
Up Arrow/W/Space – Jump
Shift/Z/J – Run
E/X/K – Push/Pull
R – Restart Level
D-pad left/D-pad right/Left Stick – Move
A – Jump
LB – Run
RB – Push/Pull
Y – Restart Level

Puzzle Platformer, Puzzle, Keyboard Only, Game Jams, Pixel

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