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Link It Up!

Description :
Link It Up! is a puzzle platforming game. In this game you need to Link Up the line to make your way through the level. Link It Up! features 30 levels that include interesting puzzles as well as cool platforming challenges. You can move by using A & D keys and, because you can't jump, you have to move the line to make your way through the level The line has its own variants. There's a normal, black line that works as you expect it to work. It just allows you to go from point A to point B in a straight forward way. There's also a bouncy, blue line. If you fall on this line it will bounce you off higher and higher. CREDITS: Made by Alienplay Games ( Sound effects from

Controls :
A & D or Left & Right arrows -> Move
Left click -> Move the line
Right click -> Reset the line
Space -> Interact with switch
R -> Restart the level
N -> Skip level (when you complete the game once)

Minimalism, Puzzle Platformer, Puzzle-Skill

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