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Knightin'+ Demo

Description :
***DISCLAIMER*** Hello guys! Guess that you remember Knightin' - my game jam entry from the last year. I spent the whole year to to forge it into a full game. This demo contains only the first dungeon. Full game is available on Steam now! I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy the demo and maybe even the full game too. Cheers! ***DESCRIPTION*** Join brave sir Lootalot on his epic quest in this little Zelda-lite adventure. Explore and fight your way through the dangerous dungeons filled with traps, puzzles and magical artifacts. And, of course, show the evil bosses who is the real boss here. So what can you expect from this game? Let's sum up. - Classic adventure gameplay (i.e. explore the dungeon, fight monsters, solve puzzles, collect loot, unlock new abilities, proceed to the next dungeon) - Tongue-in-cheek story (that shouldn't be taken seriously by any means) - Stylish pixel art graphics - Catchy soundtrack - Full controller support

Controls :
You can adjust gameplay speed in options if you like to play in a more frantic way :)
Arrows/WASD - Move
Space - Use/Open
Z/J - Sword
X/K - Shield
C/L - Dash
D-pad/Left Stick - Move
A - Use/Open
X/RT - Sword
LT/LB - Shield
Y/RB - Dash

Demo, Game Jams, Adventure, Dungeon, Knight

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