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Key Defence

Description :
Key Defence is a tower defence game in which you can't place any towers. Instead you control were the path will be. Your task is to create the path in such a way that the towers can kill all of the enemies. The game was developed for the Community Game Jam 2019, which had the theme "The Game Is A Liar". The lie of this game was that the game is not really a stategy game (normal tower defence), instead it's a puzzle game. Out of 1050 entries, it scored #22 for innovation, #34 for game design and #144 overall.

Controls :
- Create a path (for the enemies) from the green key to the gold key.
- Toggle keys using the keyboard or by clicking on them with the mouse.
- Reset all keys to disabled with F2.
- The range of a tower is indicated by the blue squares around it. The enemies are killed by the towers.
- Earn trophies by using the least amount of keys needed. Get five trophies to unlock the bonus level.

Tower Defense, Game Jams, Puzzle-Skill

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