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Grow in the Hole

Description :
Grow in the Hole is a 2D side view golf game based around an often-growing and shrinking golf ball and procedurally generated courses. How well can you handle 18 holes when the ball is getting bigger after every failed shot? The game features: Six single player modes, including an endless mode for those who want the golf to never end. Stroke Play and Match Play local multiplayer for two to four players. Multiple additional modifiers that can be used together to change how the game plays. Fancy playing in Mars gravity with a square ball that sticks to the first surface it touches? Go right ahead. Procedurally generated courses and holes, allowing for billions of potential courses. Set daily courses that players can play over and over for one day only. 30 'awardments' to unlock as players try and do well over the various modes and modifiers.

Controls :
Explained in-game.

Multiplayer, Sports, Mouse Only

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