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Greedy Mimic

Description :
Greedy Mimic is a simple platformer about a Mimic that likes to lick people and turn them into ogres, This is the final game in the series and shows how everything started. Created by eddynardo Graphics by 0×72 and Adam Saltsman Song “The Black Frame” by Rolemusic under a CC BY 4.0 attribution licence

Controls :
Move: WASD or Arrow keys
Jump: W or Up Arrow key
Stomp: S or Down Arrow key
Eat: X or J
Restart: R
Mute Sound: M
Menu: Escape
XBOX controller
Move: D-pad
Jump: Button A
Stomp: Button B
Eat: Button X
Restart: Button Start
Mute: Button Y
Menu:Button Back

Speedrun, Puzzle-Skill, Puzzle Platformer, Keyboard Only

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