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Gimme Potato

Description :
A Potato-Hungry Ogre has invaded your farm! Feed him potatoes and keep him calm while you build your strategy and find a way to get rid of him. Buy Legacy Upgrades as soon as you can, so that you start the next round with them. It will get easier and easier the more Legacy Upgrades you have. It’s common to die a couple times before you manage to defeat the Ogre. THE CHALLENGE: It is possible to finish the game without dying after hitting NEW GAME, if you’re up to the challenge! The strategy quality of Gimme Potato is stronger than it seems at first, but you have to build one or you’re going to die a lot!

Controls :
Clicking NEW GAME deletes current save.
WASD – Move farmer.
ENTER – Skip Tutorial. I recommend you not to skip it, though.
P – Pause Game.
Added RIGHT CLICK as an interaction input along with E, to increase playability for left handed people.
More detailed instructions can be found on the Pause Screen.

3D, Strategy

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