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Description :
Explore dungeons. Slay dragons. Impress villagers. Dungeoneers is a single player, turn-based dungeon crawler inspired by classic tabletop gameplay. Your must slay the dragon that has been tormenting the village. To do that, you’ll need to reach the dragon lair in the heart of a mountain dungeon. Collect items along the way to help you defeat the dragon. Success requires tactics, stealth, and discretion. If you slay the dragon, you will advance to more challenging dungeons. You do not keep your items between games. As you play, your heroes will gain XP and go up levels, and you will unlock game features that increase the game’s complexity. Good luck, brave dungeoneer. The villagers have high hopes.

Controls :
On your turn, you can take one of these actions:
MOVE: Click an adjacent open tile or room exit arrow.
SWORD ATTACK: Click an adjacent, monster-occupied tile.
BOW ATTACK: Click a non-adjacent, monster-occupied tile.
LOOT: Click under an adjacent chest.
GUARD: Click the tile you are on to skip your turn, gaining a +2 defense bonus and ability to counterattack any melee misses. Only do this if surrounded and you have a good shield.
You may also use MAGIC SCROLLS before taking an action. To do so, click the scroll to the left of the screen. (Click it again to abort the scroll use.) Strategic scroll use is key to success. Do not hoard them, as you lose them between games anyway.
After you take your action, you’ll wait for the monsters to finish their turn. (If you haven’t been spotted yet, you can keep taking actions until the monsters spot you.) Because the game is turn-based, there is never any reason to repeatedly click anything.
For more information about the room you’re in, click images and text on the edges of the screen.

Adventure, Turn Based, Dungeon, Dragon, Mouse Only, Stealth, Tactical

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