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Color Filler

Description :
Color Filler is an excellent grid-based puzzle game that was made in a week for a gamejam. This game takes inspiration from the title Sokoban that has proved hugely popular. In Color Filler You have to push various different colored blocks into the corresponding holes provided. This might sound easy but you must think carefully about your decisions and fill the holes logically. Too many mistakes, and you will have to start over. There is 20 hard and well made levels that you have to beat in order to complete Color Filler. you will have fun trying to beat this challenging game. I hope you enjoy playing it!

Controls :
[WASD] to move.
[R] to reset the level.
[M] to mute the music.
[ESC] to go to the menu.

Game Jams, Puzzle, Keyboard Only, Puzzle-Skill

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