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Alliance Reborn

Description :
Long ago, a cataclysmic war between the whole world was stopped by a young soldier, who formed the Alliance of Nations. An unstable peace has held the Alliance together for centuries. But an evil organization now threatens that peace. Journey through the breathtaking world of the Alliance in this Old School RPG collecting treasure, making powerful friends, and experiencing 11 different classes and over 200 unique skills. Will the forces of darkness triumph, or can you and your party save the day? Only in ALLIANCE REBORN! ***Download the full game here! Unlocks regions 4-11!*** Angry Wild Games

Controls :
Left click: Move/action/accept. Hold to skip dialogue
Right click: Cancel/Open menu
Arrow keys: Move
Space Bar: Action/accept. Hold to skip dialogue
X: Cancel/Open menu
Shift- Hold to dash. Recommended to turn on auto dash in game settings!

Demo, RPG, Strategy

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